5 Tips for completing Dry Jan

Around 10% of the population partake in Dry January, but many fail before completing it. So, how can you make sure you succeed and complete Dry Jan?

1. Prepare your fridge. Stock up on non-alcoholic alternatives so when you can't reach for a glass of wine or beer you can treat yourself to a non-alcoholic alternative such as ZAG.

2. Make alternative social arrangements. If your social events include going to the pub or dinners out, it can be hard to break the link between socialising and drinking. So why not change your social plans to something else, such as going for a walk, heading to the cinema or having a spa afternoon or track day. 

3. Find good non-alcoholic pubs. Some venues cater better than others to non-drinkers, so if you can't change social plans, why not check out the non-alcoholic drinks menu first and find a pub that gives you some exciting options. Here's a list of which pubs you can find ZAG in across the country. 

4. Remind yourself why you're doing this. Here are 16 reasons to feel incredible when you don't drink.

5. Check your mindset. Are you focusing on what you can't have rather than the opportunity to try a new range of drinks you may have never had before? Consider how much you can learn about yourself too (see point 2 in our blog post "5 Ways to Succeed at Dry January")

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