What are Social Softs?

A new drinks category 'Social Softs' has landed. 

But what are Social Softs and why is the category so important?

Increasingly, consumers are looking to reduce their alcohol and sugar intake. There are number of drinks categories:

  • Soft drink: A drink usually containing water, a sweetener and a flavouring
  • Alcoholic drink: A drink that contains ethanol that acts as a drug
  • Alcohol-free drink: A version of an alcoholic drink with the alcohol removed

However something has been missing. Many consumers don’t like alcoholic drinks with the alcohol removed due to quality. They also reject soft drinks as too sweet and unhealthy. What do these consumers choose when avoiding alcohol and socialising? 

The new Social Softs drinks category is the missing category. It contains long drinks without alcohol, targeted at adults with a less sweet, more challenging flavour. Designed for social occasions but not a copy of an alcoholic drink.


Social Soft drink ZAG

The healths-implications of alcohol have long been a concern - if you're interested in finding out more about the complex world of alcohol and health, this blog post take a deep look at the challenges around health and drinking, as well as providing practical steps to support health with alcohol. 


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Whilst a few years ago, most 0% ABV drinks sought to emulate the alcoholic equivalent, the younger generation don't want "copycat drinks" according to The Times (Young drinkers want the lowdown on no alcohol alternatives. The Times, Sat Aug 13th 2022). ZAG is the only drink that can offer an unsweet soft drink that doesn't imitate an existing alcoholic drink. Visit the ZAG shop here. 

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