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zag is pioneering a new category

Social softs

A long drink without alcohol, targeted at adults with a less sweet, more challenging flavour. Designed for social occasions but not a copy of an alcoholic drink.

Soft Drinks

Water, a sweetener and a flavouring

Social softs

A session-able adult drink with its own unique flavour

alcohol free

Alcoholic drinks with alcohol removed


Contain ethanol that acts as a drug


Many consumers don’t like alcoholic drinks with the alcohol removed due to quality. They also reject soft drinks as too sweet and unhealthy. What do these consumers choose when avoiding alcohol and socialising?

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The Hidden High in Drinks

If you're looking to cut back on sugar, you may already be considering reducing your sweets and chocolate intake. But have you thought about drinks? Sugar and health are explicitly linked, excess sugar can have a huge number of health implications - both mental, and physical. 

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