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Girl Cheers Can Of Zag On A Mountain

For an alternative to wine or beer to satisfy that desire for something other than water or a cup of tea, Zag is a good idea! And only 54 calories per can!

Harriet @harrietbt_climing
Boy Looking At Can Of Zag

Zag is the healthiest hair of the dog I've ever had!

Sam @mcmxcivgibbs
Girl Drinking Glass Of Zag

It doesn't really pretend to taste like beer but strangely gives the same vibe... Deeeeelightful!

Abbi @abbistoli
Girl Holding Glass Of Zag On The Floor

Zag is refreshing AF and only 54 calories which makes me feel like I'm being somewhat healthy during lockdown!

Beff @beffcrk
Girl Holding Can Of Zag Above Head

Wow, zag is completely different and nothing like other AF drinks.

Fari @dinewithfari


Swipe for freshhhhh.

The miracle ingredient believed to boost immunity, KOMBUCHA is claimed to aid weight loss, help digestion, and rid the body of toxins.

A balance of LIME and LEMON for a healthy kick of Vitamin C and zesty refreshment.

Zingy MINT, for a burst of summer freshness. And the added twist? It has remarkable health benefits too!

Ultra-healthy, believed to be high in protective antioxidants, GREEN TEA, is even claimed to boost fat burning and brain function!

Refreshingly high in nutrients, CUCUMBER, is packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

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