The ZAG Story

We’re a bunch of bon viveurs who deeply care about health, and, paradoxically, the impact of alcohol on health. We love alcohol and all the fun around it, but we are also fearful of alcohol - about what it does to our bodies and our minds. Alcohol presents us with a dilemma.

Chatting through these contradictions, over a pint back in 2019, we concluded people were being short changed by the drinks industry. On occasions where one goes out but elects not to drink, the choices were limited to either alcohol-free versions of alcoholic drinks - usually poor tasting alternatives to the real thing - or sweet, unhealthy soft drinks (for kids). The 'sometimes drinker/sometimes abstainer' has a wonderful range of alcoholic options but very few healthy, great tasting non-alcoholic alternatives designed specifically for them. 

We resolved to challenge conventional thinking in the drinks industry and create a drink - no, create a category - that responded to what consumers really wanted, rather than copying what had been historically available. While other drinks producers Zigged, we were going to ZAG.

ZAG was born out of a desire to do things differently, challenge the conventional, and accept that there can be a healthy, non-binary approach to alcohol, neither losing oneself completely in its soft arms, nor total abstinence. To achieve this we need a grown up soft drink that is complex in flavour, not too sweet - something sessionable, even - and one that is not a poor copy of an alcoholic product. Something we are comfortable drinking on our “off” days. Welcome to ZAG.

Bonnie, Jerry and Fraser