We were chatting over a few (alcohol free) beers and, in a lightbulb moment, thought...Maybe It’s Time To Zag?

Zag’s journey started with an idea conceived many years ago and resurrected very recently. We decided it was an idea for today’s world – an idea worth staking our future on.

Here’s the challenge: Why does an alcohol-free alternative to beer have to try and copy the taste of beer? It’s impossible to match the taste of beer without alcohol. Surely there could be a better solution - a drink that has the benefits of beer; a long, refreshing drink that’s not too sweet and can be drunk in quantity. One that doesn’t attempt to replicate the taste of beer. Instead, a new drink that has its own unique flavour.

This solution didn’t exist, so we decided to create it. With the odds stacked against us we started our own drinks company (I’m Still Standing Brewing Co.) to take on the big guys... with something genuinely different.

The result was an incredibly distinctive new alcohol-free drink. It was completely different to anything the big producers were offering: unbelievably refreshing, not too sweet (unlike fizzy, soft drinks designed for kids) and very, very tasty (far from those unpleasant alcohol-free beers).

Our new creation was also healthy, with interesting ingredients, no artificial sweeteners, low in calories and with a flavour like no other.

Hundreds of new drinks arrive every year, but they’re all variations on what’s already out there. While everyone else was Zigging, we wanted to Zag. So we launched... ZAG.

Fraser and Jerry

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